This interview shows a gun-loving Florida mom learned nothing after her own 4-year-old son shot her
Jamie Gilt

A gun-loving Florida woman who was accidentally shot by her own son won't be giving up her firearms, says her mother.

"All the gun control people are jumping on this, but it will not change her opinion about owning guns," said 71-year-old Jane Bramble. "She is very pro-gun and will not change her opinion about owning them. She will keep her guns -- and I'm happy that she will."

Jamie Gilt was shot in the back Tuesday while driving a pickup truck hauling a horse trailer after her 4-year-old son somehow got hold of her .45-caliber handgun in the back seat and fired the weapon.

The bullet passed through the driver's seat into Gilt's back before exiting her abdomen, and she was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Gilt's mother declined to say how the boy, who police said was not buckled into his booster seat, gained access to the deadly weapon.

"I don't want to go into that now," Bramble said.

The 29-year-old Gilt, who frequently posted on social media about her love of guns and maintained a Facebook page called "Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense," could potentially face charges in the accidental shooting, which remains under investigation.

She was previously arrested in 2013 on a felony count of grand theft retail after police said she stole five pairs of shorts worth $455 from a Dillards in Jacksonville.

Gilt, who was unemployed at the time and currently lives with her mother on her farm, completed a felony pre-trial intervention program later that year and the charges were dropped.

Her mother said she resented the politicization of the "freakish accident" after gun control advocates seized on Gilt's description of a new .45 caliber handgun as her "new toy" and her boast hours before the shooting that her 4-year-old son "gets jacked up" to engage in target practice.

"She grew up with guns and I grew up with guns," Bramble said. "This is the country – if you see something come onto your property what are you going to do? Shoot it. If I see a rattlesnake come up here I’ll blow it to bits. What would you do?"

"If they try to take our guns from us they’ll just go into the hands of criminals," she continued. "People own guns here, it’s our way of life – hunting and shooting. But I’d still own a gun if I lived in New York City."

Bramble is taking care of the boy while his mother remains hospitalized, facing what she described as a lengthy recovery process.

"People are being supportive -- they know this is our way of life," she said. "Of course, you have to be respectful of guns. You can’t just get angry and pull your gun on somebody, but this was just an accident and we just want to get over it as a family."

A reporter saw the boy during the interview with Bramble at her homestead in Palatka.

"As she spoke he held a plastic T-Rex toy up like a gun, taking aim and rapidly pulling the trigger to make it snap," reported The Daily Mail.