Bill Maher shocked Sarah Palin might be Trump's Sec. of Interior: 'I’m not sure she sleeps indoors!'
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

During Friday night's Real Time, Bill Maher went in on Donald Trump's supporters and he was ruthless. But it's been a rough 72 hours — to say the least — for a lot of people, so Maher's comic relief came at the right time.

For Maher, there were some bright sides to Tuesday's election results, namely the drugs. "Let's start with the good news. California, Nevada, Maine, and Maryland legalized recreational marijuana. Florida and North Dakota, with medical." More importantly, he said, "This election gave us permission to smoke weed, and a reason we need to."

"Colorado legalized assisted suicide," he said. "I know what you're thinking, 'road trip'!"

He compared the election results to a night of hard drinking. You wake up the next morning and see who you're lying next to and ask yourself, "What have I done," Maher said. "Maybe if I pretend I'm asleep, they'll get their things and leave."

As Trump prepares his transition team, a few names have been floated in recent days for various positions. Maher joked at the thought of Sarah Palin being the Secretary of Interior. "Interior?!" he exclaimed. "I'm not sure she sleeps indoors!"

But he had some important words for Trump and his supporters. "So enjoy your victory, Trump voters," Maher said. "Because when you're dying because you don't have health insurance to treat the infection you got from a back alley abortion you had to get because of fetal lead poisoning, you can say to yourself, 'At least I didn't vote for someone with a private email server.'"

"One other little detail about the election, Hillary won."

Watch the full clip below.