Bar slams woman’s 'racist and personally disgusting’ rant about nonwhite doorman and bans her for life

After she was refused entry and barred from a UK club called The Loft for being too drunk, 44-year-old Deborah Smith went on a racist Facebook rant about the man who would not allow her to enter, the Bristol Post reports. The bar responded to Smith's tangent in a post of its own.

Smith took to the bar's Facebook page around 3:30 am local time on Saturday to express her discontent over being refused entry to the bar. She also wrote to The Loft in private Facebook messages. "ME (A WHITE, BRITISH FEMALE) …I'm not allowed in a club?"

"Why???? Because some foreign t**t says I was too p***ed to enter," she started. "Well funny that, because I'm now home sad so annoyed because, I can coherently type this post, with correct spelling, touch typing, yet too p***ed to get into a f****** club in West Super."

She continued, "I was not racist before, hey but f*** am I now!!! How dare you allow your door, foreign, olive coloured, accented, non-english, door man, refuse me entry on the basis of being too drunk?"

The Loft replied to her words in a Facebook post of its own. "Thank you Deborah Smith, for your racist spiel this morning in our inbox and all over our Facebook wall," the post began. "It certainly made us grimace that even in today's society there are such dim lights flickering in the background harbouring such racist and personally disgusting views towards other human beings."

"We have a society of acceptance and tolerance within the U.K., yet there are people who still exist with such outdated and outrageous beliefs of racial hatred," the bar wrote. The post asked Smith, "Do all people not deserve the same rights of communication and the ability to express themselves? Is skin colour so important to you?"

"As for 'Olive coloured' ... What colour would you prefer the doormen to be in your country?" the post continued. "Is there a particular shade of white that is acceptable? Maybe you feel it should be part of the interview process, to hold candidates against a colour chart and deviations shall not be permitted past a shade either side."

The post ended with, "Fancy those 'god damn foreigners' as you like to call them upholding English rules."

The Loft's post has since been removed, reportedly because it did not comply with Facebook community guidelines. The bar shared the note from Facebook on its page with the caption, "Apparently racial hatred is permitted, speaking out against such is not. Such a strange world."