Appearing on CNN, former Trump aide Jason Miller attacked former FBI Director James Comey, saying his habit of writing memos after meeting the president was "weird" and "vindictive."

Speaking with CNN host Erin Burnett, Miller insulted Comey for maintaining a paper-trail documenting his meetings with Trump.

"After getting fired, [Comey] magically reaches into his jacket and pulls out some memo he wrote at the time?" Miller said to Burnett. "That is absolutely absurd."

"I think there's also something a little bit weird and a little bit vindictive on Director Comey's part," Miller charged. "There's this little diary -- or figuratively speaking a diary -- where he's keeping every single note so he can try to come back and play gotchya games later on...the whole thing just doesn't seem to make sense."

Watch the video below via CNN:

Trump shill Jason Miller: "little bit weird and... by sarahburris