Jake Tapper puts the hammer down on false Trump claims of so-called 'Russia hoax'
CNN's Jake Tapper (Screengrab)

President Donald Trump has once again called investigations into Russia's interference in last year's election "a hoax" -- but as CNN's Jake Tapper points out, members of his own administration have said the exact opposite.

Although the extent to which Russians "hacked" the American election, Tapper said, remains to be seen. But "the idea that all of this is a hoax," however, "is just not true."

"Don't take my word for it," he said, and immediately showed clips of various Trump administration members calling out the Russians in the strongest terms.

The president's nominee for ambassador to Russia, his State Department spokeswoman and the people he appointed to head the CIA, National Intelligence and NSA departments all agreed, as did most other national security community members, Tapper noted.

"There has never been before a president who is more candid about his opinions," Tapper concluded, "even when they are contrary to facts and evidence."

Watch the lengthy list of Trump administration officials disagree with their president's claims that the Russian election hack was a "hoax," via CNN.

Jake puts the hammer down on false Trump claims... by sarahburris