REVEALED: Russian-created Facebook posts pushed for Texas secession while defending Confederate 'heritage'

A new report from the Philadelphia Inquirer sheds new light on Russia's efforts to undermine American democracy and help Donald Trump get elected president.

The Inquirer's report details a Russian-created Facebook group called "Heart of Texas" that repeatedly linked Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to terrorists while pushing for Texas to secede from the United States.

One post featured a fake photo of Clinton shaking hands with the late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden with a caption that read, "Hillary, Stay Away From Texas." Another one featured a cardboard cutout of Clinton locked in a cage with a "Hillary for Prison" caption.

Additionally, the account also openly backed the Texas secession movement while defending the Confederacy. One post showed Confederate soldiers preparing to fight the Union army with a caption that linked the Confederacy with the right to keep and bear arms. Another chastised liberals for wanting to get rid of the American flag while at the same time purportedly tolerating Muslims who flew flags featuring the crescent moon.

"Heart of Texas" posts... heavily promoted secession from the United States, calling for rallies across Texas just days before the election," writes the Inquirer. "As CNN reporters Tim Lister and Clare Sebastian noted, secession was also championed by many segments on RT America, which is funded by the Russian government and available on nearly all cable plans throughout the U.S."

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