Church shooter Dylann Roof penned letter to former white nationalist calling him a 'traitor surrounded by Jews': report
Dylann Storm Roof (Facebook)

According to a former white nationalist who has made it his goal in life to convince racists to walk away for m the movement, convicted murderer Dylann Roof wrote him a letter calling him a traitor and saying he "took the easy way out."

In a Post Courier report on an interview with reformer Christian Picciolini to be broadcast on 60 Minutes, the former white nationalist revealed the contents of the letter he said he received from Roof just weeks after the teen was sentenced to die for gunning down nine black church churchgoers in 2015.

According to Picciolini, he wrote to Roof hoping he would mend his ways, only to receive a response attacking him as a traitor to the white race.

“You couldn’t handle the mental stress that comes along with white nationalism, so you took the easy way out. But what is so disgusting about you is that rather than just leave white nationalism behind, you decided to devote your life to undermining your own race,” Roof replied in the handwritten letter.

Roof added, “I hope you know you are 100 times worse than the Jews you’ve surrounded yourself with.”

According to Picciolini, “That tells me he is completely indoctrinated by these alternative set of facts ... pushed by a movement that puts all the blame on Jewish people. He’s been fed all of that (and) that’s become his reality.”

You can read the whole report here.