Fox News host Tucker Carlson threatens to throw guest off show for saying Jesus wouldn't want border wall
Fox News host Tucker Carlson and guest Chris Hahn/Screenshot

Fox News host Tucker Carlson identifies as an Episcopalian, despite holding positions that mostly conflict with the liberal church.

On Friday night, the conservative Fox News host became angry when liberal commentator Chris Hahn confronted him about the discrepancies between what he and other self-identified Christian conservatives believe and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hahn quoted Bible verses about welcoming poor strangers to Carlson, attacking the idea of a border wall.

An offended Carlson said he knew the verses.

"I know that you're aware of it but I don't know that you believe it," Hahn said. "That's what it says, Tucker."

"I'm trying not to end this interview right now because I'm getting offended," Carlson said. "I'm wondering if you understand the extend to which you're playing with fire—introducing religious faith, appropriating someone else's religious faith, by the way, to a conversation about public policy."

Hahn apologized for offending Carlson.

Watch below.