Washington man calls cops on prostitute for refusing to leave -- so he could get to church on time
Prostitute talking with client on the street (Shutterstock)

A man in Richland, Washington called the cops on a prostitute to his house after she refused to leave.

Duval Cardwell, 53, told police that he needed Jewel Kennedy, 26, to leave so that he could get to church.

"Police interviewed Kennedy, and she admitted to offering sexual favors for money and said she was refusing to leave after a disagreement about payment," KAPP news reported.

Kennedy said she refused to leave over a money dispute.

Cardwell also had a gun on him when police arrived, which they took from him. He was arrested and charged with "patronizing a prostitute and resisting arrest."

As for Kennedy, police discovered that there was a warrent out for her arrest, and took her to Franklin County jail.