Paul Krugman lectures Pelosi for pushing Trump’s USMCA trade deal: ‘Why are Dems doing this?’
Paul Krugman

Nobel Prize-winner Paul Krugman blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi for reportedly pushing to pass President Donald Trump's United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Krugman, the author of the bestselling 2007 book The Conscience of a Liberal, questioned both the politics and economics of Democrats passing the USMCA.

"So, can someone explain to me why Dems appear about to sign on to Trump's USMCA trade deal?" Krugman asked.

"It's basically no change from NAFTA as is, but Trump will claim it as a triumph. Why give him that?" he wondered.

"Don't say that Trump will kill NAFTA if he doesn't get it. That would be a body blow to US business and crash the market — which is the reason Trump huffed and puffed and then basically negotiated nothing," he explained.

"So again, why are Dems doing this? The economics are basically nothing, and the politics are bad," Krugman noted. "Who's demanding this, and why should they care?"