Democrats are collectively going to crush Trump in last quarter's fundraising -- here are the details
President Donald Trump speaking at the annual NRA convention in 2019. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Although President Donald Trump's reelection campaign reported a hefty haul of $46 million for the fourth quarter of 2019, that total will very likely be dwarfed by the cumulative donations made to Democratic presidential candidates.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced that his campaign raised $34.5 million last quarter, while South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised $24.7 million, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang raised $16.5 million.

This means that those three candidates alone raised a total of more than $75 million last quarter, which blows past Trump's Q4 2019 total.

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel estimates that the Democratic field "is easily going to double" Trump's fundraising, which he says is not normal for an incumbent president.

"That is really, really unusual," he writes. "The 2012 GOP field and 2004 Dem field did not outpace incumbent presidents."