Trump's Iran fiasco is a political loser for him: conservative columnist
President Donald Trump on Sunday threatened yet more "major retaliation" if Tehran hits back, including on Iranian cultural sites. (AFP/File / JIM WATSON)

In a column for The Washington Post this Wednesday, Jennifer Rubin argues that President Trump's recent dust up with Iran won't be the political boon some expect it to be, saying that Trump's "low credibility" is a main factor.

"The boost that presidents usually get in times of international crisis likely will not happen for Trump," Rubin writes. "Fear of all-out war and the public’s low regard for Trump’s honesty and steadiness suggest that war-mongering is no way for Trump to break free of his polling doldrums. (He has yet to reach 50 percent approval.)"

Recent polling shows more than half of respondents disapprove of Trump's Iran policy, and the recent targeted killing of an Iranian general has only compounded that disapproval -- all this in addition to the fact that his impeachment numbers aren't looking so great either.

"By a 54-to-38-percent margin, Americans say [Trump] abused his office," Rubin writes. "By an almost identical margin, they think he has obstructed Congress. That does not necessarily mean 54 percent want him removed. Only 43 percent want him removed while 13 percent want another sanction, such as censure; 32 percent want him acquitted. In other words, there is a hardcore base of 32 percent who think Trump did nothing wrong."

According to Rubin, the push for war with Iran could be a losing proposition with voters.

"As a result of Trump’s bellicose and incoherent foreign policy, a president promising to end 'forever wars' soon will have deployed 18,000 more troops since his 'maximum pressure' campaign began in 2019."

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