'Not why we went': CNN's David Gregory shuts down spin that America invaded Afghanistan to help women

CNN's David Gregory on Thursday said that while it's been tragic what is happening to women in Afghanistan under Taliban control, it also has nothing to do with the reasons America has been at war there for 20 years.

While discussing Americans' unwillingness to keep military forces in Afghanistan indefinitely, Gregory said he didn't believe most Americans would be persuaded by calls to stay to help Afghan women.

"I remember covering this from the earliest days, all the efforts to save the women of Afghanistan from the Taliban, that's not why we went," he said. "And that's not ultimately what the enterprise was about, as cruel and brutal as that is, and as cruel and brutal as the Taliban still is."

Gregory added that most Americans don't care much about foreign policy, and he didn't think the current scenes of chaos would matter much long term.

"Americans stopped caring about Afghanistan a long time ago," he said. "And a lot of Americans are looking up saying why are we still there anyway? So yeah, when the news covers it, and we have images of this kind of chaos and this kind of, you know, human story playing out, it creates pressure. But I don't think there's going to be a tremendous pressure on the administration to do more than it's doing now."

Watch the video below.

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