Foreign tourists are flocking to Philadelphia hoping to see the election turn to chaos: report
Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

On Monday, The New Republic reported that foreign tourists are coming to the United States to simply watch people vote, in the hope of witnessing chaos should the democratic process in the country break down.

"'Folks, US ‘democracy’ has become such a clown show that English and Australian tourists are booking specialized election experience tours & disrupting canvasses,' writer Gwen Snyder warned on Twitter Monday," reported Tori Otten. "Citing a friend of hers who works with Get Out The Vote in Philadelphia, a typically blue haven in an otherwise red state, Snyder said that 'far right disruptors' were showing up to GOTV events and pelting organizers with an endless stream of strange, highly detailed questions. All of them seemed to be British or Australian."

“Turns out, these were tourists that had PAID A COMPANY to deliver them a front seat at the US election zoo,” said Snyder on Twitter. “Anyway, it’s election eve and everyone on the ground is now scrambling to figure out how to protect their canvasses from weird intrusive election tourists in this, one of the most critical turn out areas in the country.”

According to the report, the group, known as Political Tours, brings people from around the world — mostly wealthy tourists from English-speaking countries like the U.S., the U.K., and Australia — to witness elections in troubled countries, and this year the U.S. itself is a hot destination: "The six-day U.S. tour costs £3,950, about $4,500, and includes a visit to polling stations on Election Day. The website mentions visiting Virginia and Pennsylvania, both of which will witness toss-up races for Congress."

This comes as armed vigilante groups were admonished by a federal judge for setting up camp outside of some drop boxes in Arizona, motivated by the debunked conspiracy theory film "2,000 Mules". It also comes as some key Republican candidates, like Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels, are vowing that Republicans will never lose another election again if they are put in office.

"Any disruptions at the voting booth could cause delays, which could be seized upon by Republicans as a reason to blame Democrats for rigging the election," added Otten. "The last thing the country needs is tourists at the voting booth."

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