Glenn Youngkin excuses Kari Lake's election lies because not everyone 'believes the same things'
ABC/screen grab

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) cited diversity in the Republican Party after he was asked why he supports Arizona candidate Kari Lake despite her lies about the 2020 presidential election.

During an interview that aired on Sunday, ABC's Jonathan Karl noted that Youngkin had recently campaigned for Lake in Arizona.

"Obviously, Kari Lake talks a heck of a lot about the 2020 election, falsely saying it was rigged and stolen," Karl explained. "You don't agree with that?"

"Well, I've said that President Biden's our president," Youngkin replied. "He was elected our president legitimately."

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"The Republican Party is not some monolithic group that all believes the same things," he continued. "But what Republican governors have demonstrated is they have led so much better coming out of this pandemic. Economic recovery, safe communities, delivering in schools and as I've said, I think every state deserves a Republican governor."

Youngkin added: "And this is a really clear choice."

Watch the video below from ABC or at the link.