Questions raised about Kari Lake receiving unreported free campaign services from tech company: report
Kari Lake on Twitter.

According to a report from the Daily Beast's William Bredderman, Arizona Republican Kari Lake has been receiving free -- and likely illegal -- campaign assistance from a tech company that once paid her for "consulting."

At issue is an app developed by Superfeed Technologies for Lake "which provides regular updates from Lake’s social media feed, notifies users of campaign events, and connects them with donation and volunteer sign-up portals."

The problem, as Breddeerman reports, is that there is no evidence that Lake is paying for the service which is in violation of campaign finance laws when it comes to companies providing free services.

"Arizona campaign finance records show no record of Lake’s campaign—or any political committee—having paid Superfeed for this service, despite the company explicitly describing its work. And that, according to election lawyer James Barton, would make the app’s operation a violation of state contribution rules," the Beast report states.

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According to Barton, "In some states, corporations and unions can contribute directly to campaigns. That’s not the case in Arizona. They may have for-free promoted her, and if that’s the case, that’s illegal, because that would be an in-kind contribution from a company.”

According to Bredderman, there is no evidence of Lake campaign payments to the tech company, but that doesn't mean there is not a financial connection.

"In personal financial reports Lake filed with the state earlier this year, she reported receiving compensation for work as a 'communication advisor' to FeedMe, Inc. The forms do not specify the amount of the commission, except that it exceeded $1,000," he wrote before adding, "Arizona corporate records, and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, show that FeedMe was an old moniker that Superfeed abandoned more than a year before Lake made her disclosure. The address Superfeed lists on its website is the same UPS Store which Lake identified in the disclosure as the location of her and her husband’s personal businesses."

According to his report, questions about the relationship between the GOP candidate for governor and the company went unanswered.

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