GOP House staffers demand metal detector rules be blocked in typo-ridden email manifesto
US Capitol Police stand near a metal detector outside chamber of the House of Representatives(AFP)

The House is preparing to vote on a rule proposed weeks ago by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to punish members who refuse to submit to metal detectors while entering the Capitol.

According to NBC 4 News' Scott MacFarlane, a group of staffers for an unspecified first-term GOP representative sent out an email urging the staff for other members to vote down the rule. The email, which calls the rules "unconstitutional," is riddled with typos, including referring to metal detector "finds" instead of "fines", and imploring aides to "encourage your boss to vote know NO."

Under the proposed rule, members of Congress will be fined $5,000 for their first refusal to use the metal detectors and $10,000 for the second fine. Members who do not pay the fine within 90 days will have it deducted from their congressional salary.

Ever since the installation of the metal detectors in response to the pro-Trump invasion of the Capitol that left five people dead, several Republican lawmakers have flatly refused to submit to the devices, either walking around them or refusing to stop for Capitol Police officers to wand them over when they trip the alarm.