GOP lawmaker lashes out at her Republican colleagues as she faces ethics hearing for sharing rape accuser's identity

After sharing a news article that exposed the identity of a 19-year-old legislative intern who accused former Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger of rape in a police report, Idaho GOP Rep. Priscilla Giddings lashed out during an ethics hearing on Monday, slamming some in her party for participating in what she says is a "woke cancel culture movement," the Idaho Statesmen reports.

According to the ethics complaint against her, Giddings retaliated against the intern by sharing "defamatory writings" that identified her and making "defamatory statements herself" through Facebook and a government newsletter.

"I deny all the allegations made against me in their entirety," Giddings said. "These accusations are unfounded, biased attacks driven by partisan political goals."

Attorney Jeff Hepworth, who represented the complainants, said Giddings' actions jeopardized the investigation into Ehlinger.

In a separate written statement, Giddings said that the accusations against her are "a naked attempt to deprive a citizen of Idaho of her constitutional rights of speech and press."

According to GOP Rep. John Vander Woude, Giddings actions were an example of "conduct unbecoming any member of society."

Read the full report over at the Idaho Statesmen.