Putin will fail because he has 'a terrible army' and not even 'George Patton' could fix it: retired general
Russian President Vladimir Putin believes he cannot afford to lose in Ukraine, despite setbacks in the war, according to the US CIA chief. (Mikhail KLIMENTYEV SPUTNIK/AFP)

Russia on Monday launched a series of missiles into cities across Ukraine, but Ret. Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson doesn't believe that any new initiative will help the country succeed in its goals of taking and holding Ukrainian territory.

While speaking on CNN, Anderson broke down news that Russian General Sergey Surovikin would be taking over as head of the Kremlin's "special military operation" in Ukraine, which in recent weeks has been hit with multiple humiliating setbacks.

While Surovikin has a well earned reputation as a hardliner, Anderson was skeptical he could turn things around given the current state of Russia's military.

"I don't think there's going to be a new approach because he's incapable of doing a new approach as long as the Russian army is what it is, which is a terrible army," he said.

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Later in the segment, Anderson elaborated on why new leadership won't be nearly enough to fix what's broken in the Russian military.

"It's not like the soldiers are going to jump into a phone booth and come out as Superman," he said. "They have a terrible army. They're ten years away from having a good army that can take on the Ukrainians and achieve the military objectives they wanted. They have a low morale... They're incapable of executing the military operations that Vladimir Putin wants. George Patton couldn't make this a success for Putin."

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