Steve Bannon's plans to make life harder for the Capitol riot committee are massively backfiring: reporter
Steve Bannon (Reuters)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Lead," legal reporter Paula Reid highlighted how former Trump adviser Steve Bannon's efforts to block the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack from obtaining his testimony are blowing up in his face.

Bannon is already facing a resolution calling for a criminal referral to the DOJ for contempt — and, argued Reid, it might have ruined an easier way he could have tried to protect his former boss.

"In speaking with legal experts on both sides of this, including people who used to work for the former president, they suggested that Bannon could have made this a lot more difficult for the attorney general," said Reid. "He could have shown up and invoked privilege on some questions. Could have taken the fifth. It would have been harder to argue he wasn't complying."

"But instead, he and his attorneys sent this letter citing privilege, even though many of the items are not related to conversations with the former president," continued Reid. "And that is why the committee says it's likely to proceed on this issue, and they just rejected a last-minute request by Bannon's lawyer to delay tonight's vote."

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Paula Reid says Bannon's obstruction of the House is blowing up in his face