Trump explains why he was treated worse than Abraham Lincoln — who was assassinated
Composite image. Donald Trump’s official portrait and Abe Lincoln, photo by Alexander Gardner.

For the second weekend in a row, Fox host Mark Levin continued showing videos of his conversation with Donald Trump. Among the things Trump thought the Fox audience needed to know is that he was treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was killed before leaving office.

Trump began by saying that former President Andrew Jackson was treated very badly after he broke previous treaties, stole land, and forced the march of Native Americans to "Indian Territory." That land was then taken from the Native tribes and became known as Oklahoma.

"Abraham Lincoln, they say, was, you know, he had a civil war going on," Trump educated Levin. "But Abraham Lincoln was just vilified. But now they say Trump got treated the worst of all."

He never explained who "they" were.

"Because what they did was come up with phony stuff. Russia, Russia, Russia. It was all hoaxes. The Mueller witch hunt, which turned out to be 'no collusion.'"

That isn't what Mueller found. He never looked into Trump's potential collusion with Russia. What he did document were at least ten instances of obstruction of justice, which Trump has never been tried over.

"And they had the laptop, they could have figured that out because on the laptop, if you look at it, you could have figured that out easily," Trump said.

It's unclear what he was talking about, as there was never a "laptop" that belonged to Trump that was part of the Mueller probe. It's possible that it was classified information, but it never made it into the Mueller report. He might be confused about the laptop that was just seized from his staffer involved in the classified documents scandal.

Lincoln was reelected in his second bid for president, unlike Trump. It was the following year that he was shot by actor John Wilkes Booth.

See the clip of the interview below or at the link here.

Trump: They treated me worse than