Trump takes break from indictment woes to say 8,000 Ukrainians would still be alive if he was president
Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) watches the Victory Day military parade marking the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany during World War II at Red Square in central Moscow. Putin has warned that if Kiev receives long-range missiles, Russia will move and strike sites that have been off-target so far. -/Kremlin/dpa

Former President Donald Trump took a break from his indictment woes Saturday to boast about his friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin – and to claim that the estimated 8,000 civilians killed in the Ukrainian conflict would be alive if he was still in charge.

"Actually, I got along very well with Putin," Trump posted on his Truth Social platform.

"There would be no Russia-Ukrainian War right now if I were President. All of those lives would have been saved, all of those people would be living and healthy right now!"

The United Nations' estimate is for non-combatants. Many more have died in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine if military members are included.

It's not the first time that Trump has said the war would not have happened if he was still president, and that if he's elected he could end it. He hasn't detailed how he would do that.