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‘He’s flakey as baked pie crusts’: Dan Rather nails why no one can trust ‘lazy’ Donald Trump
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Famed journalist Dan Rather on Monday ripped Donald Trump after a new CNN poll revealed three-quarters of Americans don’t trust what’s coming from the White House, arguing the president is “flakey as baked pie crusts” and, worse still, “lazy.”

Noting that since polling began, “there’s never been [a president] this low this early in the presidency,” cautioning the trend “is headed downward, not up.”

“People vote their pocketbooks, and if the economy continues to be pretty good, then Donald Trump can ride out a lot of things,” Rather warned of a possible Trump reelection. “I’m not sure he can ride out a tough set of indictments or accusations by the special prosecutor, but these polls are real trouble for the Trump presidency. And it’s trouble for the country”

“Thomas Jefferson reminded us that governing is basically about honesty, and what the polls mean is most people—even 50 percent of Republicans—do not trust what Donald Trump says.”

“He’s flakey as baked pie crusts and mean as a margay, and besides that he’s lazy,” Rather explained. “That’s the perception that most people have. And until, and unless, he turns that around, his presidency is going to be in trouble.’

CNN’s Don Lemon suggested the problem is Trump “talks a good game, but he doesn’t follow through.”

“The tweets have been a disaster for Donald Trump,” Rather replied. “Not the fact that he’s tweeting—tweets can be pretty effective. The substance, that’s what eating him up.”

Rather went on to explain that in his short 200 days in office, Trump has managed to change “the whole direction of justice system, [rewrite] environmental laws, [change] the regulations by public lands and so forth.”

“He has moved the U.S. government to an ideologically far-right position,” Rather said. “If the Democrats had moved the government as far left as Donald Trump has moved it to the right, Republicans would be almost berserk about it.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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