The Name

The proper pronunciation of the site is PAN-duh-gahn.

The proper pronunciation is not, and shall never be, pan-DAH-gun, PAN-druh-gahn, pan-DRAH-gun or PEN-drah-gun. We thank you in advance for your compliance.

The History

Pandagon was originally founded on November 26, 2001 by Jesse Taylor as his personal website. Realizing a short eight months later that he spent most of his time commenting on Eschaton rather than writing anything he considered even remotely interesting, the site was reborn as a political website on July 26, 2002.

The matching dates are merely a coincidence, unless you think it's cool, in which case it was entirely intentional.

The site continued on a meteoric rise until Jesse realized that he needed a coblogger, someone to share the dizzying highs and fearsome lows of the roller coaster that was Pandagon. (By reading this, you agree to exempt Pandagon and all Pandagon-related industries from responsibility for injury, emotional or physical trauma, death and dismemberment.) That someone was Ezra Klein.

Unfortunately, in the vein of all great partnerships, the riches which inevitably flow from such a titanic pairing created the rift which eventually drove them apart. After a drug-fueled confrontation1, Ezra soon went to write for some alt weekly or whatever.

Nearly adrift, aimless through the blogging river of life, Jesse went on an extensive search2 for a new coblogger and found one in Mousewords' Amanda Marcotte. Eventually, the fact that Amanda was a feminist and therefore a man-hating succubus3 pushed Jesse away from the site and towards a campaign job.

That left Amanda as the editor of the site, and she brought in Pam Spaulding as a regular contributor. Since they're women, there are no drugs or fighting involved despite the site's success, just lots of handholding over cups of coffee and watching of Lifetime movies of the week under heavy afghans.

At least, that's how we assume things go.


1.) Nutter Butters and Lemonade Capri Suns. Damn, they were young then.

2.) He looked for "Best New Blogger" at the Koufax Awards and e-mailed them. You think we have a fucking HR department?

3.) With optional hypno-vagina, available through our Amazon affiliate.