I couldn't get past this first line of a "conversation" between David Brooks and Gail Collins at the NY Times.

David Brooks:Gail, I watched “Recount” on HBO the other night and learned a bunch. For example, did you know that Republicans are evil yet efficient, while Democrats are noble but slightly too good for this world?

There are two possibilities here, and neither of them are very good.

1) David Brooks, who has one of the most prestigious pundit positions in the country, actually did learn this from the movie, and therefore was appointed to his position without the ability to grasp the basic facts of American politics without a movie to hold his hand.


2) Brooks is trying to be ironic. Unfortunately, he fails to grasp the first rule of irony, which is that what you say has to differ from reality, preferably in a way that showcases the absurdity of that reality. Understanding irony seems like it should be the first rule of being a NY Times columnist. That's Writing 101.

So bad pundit, bad writer, or both. But reliable disingenuous partisan for the Republicans, so I guess he'll be keeping his job.