John Cole writes about...

(I go away for three years, come back, and John Cole is not only making sense, but he's a really good read? Is Digby the despotic overlord of Oakland now?)

...the "whitey" tape rumors that are tearing up the rumor mill. And by "tearing up", I mean ping-ponging back and forth between Larry Johnson and late night weekend Fox News programming.

I am not worried about any “bombshell,” but I am tired of hearing about one. Right now, we have been subjected to days of hype, and I don’t think that is an accident. It is as if folks are simply spending weeks prepping the ground preparing people to expect a bombshell, they can release some weak nonsense, and then pretend it is a big deal. While the “bombshell” will fizzle, the psyops will have been successful enough to make people think it is a big deal even when it isn’t.

Geraldine Ferraro had one thing right - there is a lot of racial resentment on the part of many white voters towards black Americans, based in no small part on the idea that if black people insist they're lower on the ladder than white people, any black person being ahead of any white person is de facto evidence that black people are whiny victims and white people are the true downtrodden in America.

This is indelibly stupid. But it's also a powerful argument.

Obama is going to become Blackazoid, the Nubian Avenger, here to right all the perceived wrongs black people illegitimately feel were heaped on them since we solved racism in 1963. Reparations? He wants them. Islam? Prepare to pay a prayer mat fee for your kids' next school year. I can't wait to hear the shit we didn't even know was racist - did you know Obama wants to put elastic bands on all our pants? And ban straws?

Blackness is about to become the best privilege imaginable, and stories of disadvantaged white people the new currency of the Republican realm.

Michelle Obama engaging in an alleged rant against "whitey" is just the tip of the iceberg - learn now to fear your new Negro overlords.