Oddly enough, we are not a nation constructed to idolize our military rulers.

We all know that Wesley Clark saying that John McCain's military service isn't a qualification for the presidency wouldn't raise a blip if their partisan affiliations were reversed; it would probably also help if you couldn't hear the murmurs of anticipation for the Straight Talk Express Mark II.

The aircraft, a Boeing 737-400, which has the “Straight Talk” logo emblazoned on its fuselage, tries to recreate the feel of the back of Mr. McCain’s campaign bus in a special area near the front of the plane.

The plane will not be an exact replica. Federal Aviation Administration rules preclude the kind of horseshoe-shaped couch from which Mr. McCain favors on the bus because it would block the aisle. So the campaign installed a captain’s chair for Mr. McCain and a couch for reporters and the retinue of Senate colleagues, war buddies and retired officials Mr. McCain likes to surround himself with on the campaign trail.

Should the collective media head ever be pulled out of the collective media ass, they may want to ask if the hundreds of thousands of active-duty soldiers who aren't promoted to command and leadership positions every year are, in fact, being Swift Boated by the military. The answer may shock and surprise you. Why do our troops hate our troops?