imageI have no earthly idea why first ladies are expected to have recipes for everything - besides the fact that everything on a campaign happens by committee and the ultimate recipe is likely going to be something nobody in the candidate's family has made themselves in years, if ever, it's not really like the candidates are sitting down and enjoying home cooking...well, ever.

But really, if you're going to participate in the charade, don't just openly steal something. Even if it's not your own, just credit whatever box you got it off of the back of and call it a day.

Of course, the fact that Cindy McCain keeps stealing shit (and the fact that the right is trying to turn Michelle Obama into Hilliqua Clinton) has helped opened up a dialogue on whether or not wives are fair game in this election.

I do have one big issue with this - Michelle Obama is functioning as Obama's wife in the campaign, speaking in support of him, making appearance, etc. There's no indication that, other than the normal consulting role a spouse would have in a marriage, that she has any other role in the campaign which would legitimately open her up to attack.

Cindy McCain is a financial backbone of the McCain campaign. She's not simply a surrogate testifying to the wonders of the man that is Johnny Mac, but lending the campaign her personal resources (and the McCain marriage is structured so that most of the big assets are in her name alone) worth millions of dollars. She's certainly not fair game for the inevitable smears that will come Michelle Obama's way (her sleeves make her look trashy!), but the McCain campaign can't be allowed to sweep that under the rug using the general haze of keeping the wives out of the line of fire.