imageZimbabwe updates:

Mugabe's government continues to arbitrarily detain opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai two weeks before scheduled elections. His deputy, Tendai Biti, is being detained on charges of treason. In a gross fit of irony, Biti is being accused of tampering with elections:

Senior officials in Mr. Mugabe’s governing party, in power for 28 years, have accused Mr. Biti, a lawyer who is often the opposition’s public face, of violating the law by announcing the outcome of the initial round of voting in March before the official results were released.

They also alleged that Mr. Biti wrote a paper shortly before the disputed March election laying out the opposition’s strategy for a transition to power and efforts to bribe poll officers “so that they exploit any available opportunity to overstate our votes,” according to a quotation from the document published in the state-owned newspaper, The Herald, in April.

The opposition has dismissed the document as a forgery. Others have also found it implausible that Mr. Biti, a successful lawyer, would have written something so blatantly self-incriminating.

In case you were under the mistaken impression that Mugabe's regime was merely harming the leaders of the opposition party, don't you worry - they're also stealing aid from children.

The aid truck driver had pulled over for the night, worried it was too late to be on the roads with his load - 20 tons of food donated by the United States for the children of Zimbabwe.

That's when the governor of an eastern Zimbabwe province ordered the wheat and beans unloaded and distributed at a political rally being held nearby for President Robert Mugabe, the US ambassador to Zimbabwe, James McGee, said Thursday.

There is one certain thing arising from this oppression - no matter what happens in the election two weeks from now, the legitimate will of the people of Zimbabwe will not be the victory that Mugabe will claim.