Kos has Obama's birth certificate. Chuckie J and the Boyz are wondering if they can kern a motherfucker up in this piece.

The fact that they can't isn't stopping other intrepid souls from attempting to cast doubt on an official government document that not only shows he's Qadaffi bin Laden Obama, but he's Terrorist McNasty Obama the Second.

Suitably Flip is angry that this incomplete document doesn't testify to the marital state of Obama's parents under Allah.

The National Review, apparently deciding that all the questions which needed answering are now irrelevant, now ask another question: what if there was another document based on the exact same information as this one, but different, and Obama's name was Barack Durham?

This is going to be the best election ever.

P.S.: Should anyone from the Obama campaign be reading this, I'd love to be on your media list. Pretty please?

UPDATE: Psst - Larry Johnson isn't a liberal blogger. He's an anti-Bush Republican with a fanatical devotion to Hillary Clinton.