imageWhat worries me about John McCain's inability and unwillingness to use a computer isn't that it's elitist - plenty of average, everyday people have no real clue about how to use a computer, particularly those of McCain's generation.

What worries me is that in order for him to be president, he's going to be constantly evaluating and reevaluating information, asked to process new situations, constantly reevaluate situations and adapt to a constantly changing world. If he's unwilling to learn the new (and, frankly, rudimentary) skill of how to look up the Wikipedia entry on China, how's he going to respond to the financial, military and geopolitical curveballs that the country could throw his way?

(Actually, that's more of a rhetorical question - he'll just do what he does now, which is declare that the newfangled whatchamacallit isn't really important and then do what he was going to do anyway.)