There's a new magazine out that's pretending to be a general interest teenage magazine, but is actually an abstinence-only propaganda rag. Guess what it's called?

That's right. Abstinence: It's just for girls. I know the law makes them say otherwise when they're peddling this shit in the classroom, but it's good to know they don't even try to hide their beliefs when it comes to non-government funded materials.

I love that one headline is "Top 8 Come Backs 4 Come Ons". I'm pretty sure, "Daddy and Jesus have first dibs on my hymen," is the only one you'll ever need.

Update: Eh, they have one for guys. Interestingly, the cover of the guys' magazine has them jumping around and doing stuff, whereas the girl in the cover of the girls' one is just throwing you a "come hither" look. You know, like committed virgins will do.