imageA few days late on this, but a few county clerks in California are refusing to perform any marriages starting June 14th, when same-sex marriage becomes legal.


Ann Barnett plans to stop performing ceremonies for all couples in Kern County as of June 14. She will issue the new gender-neutral marriage licenses as required by law on June 17, but refuses to preside over any ceremony because of space and staff constraints, she said in a statement.

Barnett's announcement came after she received advice from county lawyers that she could not refuse to marry only couples of her choosing.

Barnett, who also got advice from the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian law firm, did not return multiple requests for comment on Friday from The Associated Press.

How would someone with limited resources and limited time possibly arrange those resources to make several appointments work in an orderly fashion? If only someone came up with a way, any way whatsoever, to do that. Something the Alliance Defense Fund might want to think about in the future, should divine inspiration strike in order to solve this perpetual quandary.

All I have to say is that if any county clerk gets in the way of the happiest day of George Takei's life, I will bear down on them with baleful wrath of a thousand slingshotted suns.