imageYou mean that the tons of partisan strategists with no campaign job in a bellwether election year are just hacks with little, if any, real strategist experience?

I am shocked and appalled.

I did appreciate this line, though:

Of course, the very benefit of bringing a strategist on the air is to break through the echo chamber of talking points.

This must be one of the longest-term benefit plans I've ever seen. A little more:

“Many of these sort of more junior folks who have sort of made it into the ranks of analyst/commentator/strategist,” says one high-ranking cable news executive, “are only too happy to talk about things they don’t know about. Part of the problem is that because, again, they’re very glib, they’re good on TV. And if you ask someone the question and they give you a good-sounding answer, you might not know by asking them that it’s not their area of expertise.”

Yes, because when learned elders of the press corps appear on the Chris Matthews show and spend half the show regurgitating whatever bizarre analogy from his youth he pulled out of his ass, I'm confident that these people are truly prepared and capable of discussing the issues of the day.