imageFloyd Brown, the originator of the Willie Horton and "Is Barack Obama Lying About Being A Muslim?" ads, is receiving threats and intimidation from Obama supporters. Being the fair minded arbiters of civil order that we are, I've decided to highlight some of the worst to show just how awful Obamism.

"Listen you racist piece of s---[.]"

Brown is not being racist in the case of Obama. He has an irrational prejudice towards Muslims now, and Islam is a religion, not a race.

"You better watch out[.]"

He'd also better not pout and better not cry. It's great to have Santa on your side.

"Why don't you try another f-----line of work[.]"

This is America! We don't tell people to abandon their dreams just because they're worthless sacks of shit, friends.

"You are a scumbag and a coward. I'm sure President Obama will forgive you and I'll pray for you. You're a bad American[.]"

How does Floyd sleep at night under this insatiable torrent of abuse? Shit, Jesus didn't have it this bad on the cross.

"We know about your tactics. They're not going to work this time[.]"

Gitmo, motherfucker. NOW.

"Your as slimy as they can get[.]"

Bad grammar is damaging to the spirit, after all. Although given that this is a transcription of a phone call, either Floyd or WND really needs to learn how to fucking type.

You can read e-mails to Floyd as well, which show the fact that the Obaman hordes are pretty much the most well-behaved and genteel hate-filled mob I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure that if a horde of Obama supporters showed up at his front door, they'd offer to redo his aluminum siding and show him the finer arts of composting. I can't imagine the terror he must live in.