imageRebecca Traitster lists twelve reasons why Clinton supporters are still angry. Some are valid, some are head-scratchers, some show a disturbing adherence to a cult of personality that seems far outsize to anything Clinton's done or would likely do.

But one thing heartens me is that no matter how angry Clinton supporters get, McCain will aggressively pursue ways to unnecessarily alienate them.

From Heather Wilson, an anti-choice, pro-war, anti-universal healthcare Republican representative from New Mexico:

“Barack Obama recently told women who have questions about his record and his campaign to ‘get over it.’ Working women in New Mexico are worried that Obama has yet to come up with a plan to lower gas prices - we won’t just ‘get over it.’ Obama has put New Mexico jobs at risk with his economic plan and tax increases on small businesses - we won’t just ‘get over it.’ Women’s votes should not be taken for granted, and this sort of language reminds us why. I’m supporting John McCain because he’s campaigning for the vote of all Americans, including the former Clinton supporters and women to whom Obama is referring, and many of them, like me, see him as a leader who can keep our nation safe and get our economy back on track.”

You know the best way to reach out to women, particularly disaffected Clinton supporters? Treat them so patronizingly that the only real question for them is if they're smart enough to avoid getting hit by cars on the way to vote for McCain. Or, alternately, on their way to McDonald's to vote for the McRib. That's two Mcs instead of one!