imageI've never really liked the NBA Draft, even when I was rabidly collecting cards and attending Cavs games in the mid-90s.

...Yes, I attended Cavs games in the mid-90s. Shut up.

I was trying tonight to figure out why I don't like the NBA Draft, particularly as compared to the Cadillac of Drafts (I meant BMW), the NFL Draft. And then I went to ESPN and figured out why.

In the NFL, you have teams that have consistently bad drafts year after year, like Detroit, but even the worst teams usually find some gold somewhere along the way. You even have the odd horrific draft year, like 1999, where such stalwarts as Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Ricky Williams and Cade McNown thrilled us with the prospect of legendary flameouts.

But in the NBA, there are very few picks overall and a crapton of bad ones. Your average draft year is good for a half dozen Euro players you'll never see play, fifteen players solid enough to contend for starting spots and another forty-five who'll be lucky to go up against Darko Milicic in practice. There just don't seem to be that many NBA-caliber players available in any given year, which makes the entire thing a trudge towards involuntary retirement trussed up as the future of the league. I prefer that my sports not come with a constant influx of needless depression.