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If a women's clinic was run by John McCain, brought to you by Brave New PAC and Planned Parenthood.

Think you're "pro-life"? Then suck it up and vote for Obama, whose policies are much better for preserving life.

Yours truly, Kim Gandy, and Shireen Mitchell discuss the aftermath of the Clinton campaign and feminism. Kim Gandy argues with me, which was very exciting. Seriously, I had to wrestle with the cat for five minutes I was so stoked.

Can you fairly judge and obscenity trial about bestiality videos when you host pictures of naked women painted like cows on your own website? Is the Pope a feminist?

Who knew that people who work at abortion clinics have the right to self-defense, like they were people or something? Well, I did, but the anti-choice nuts didn't. It's worth noting that the clinic in question is one that performs a lot of later term abortions, so the patients being terrorized were largely women who are already suffering the trauma of having to go through an elaborate and somewhat dangerous procedure to terminate a pregnancy that was generally wanted but can't be continued. It's like terrorizing people suffering a cross between birthing a stillborn and having appendicitis.

My guess is the teenager did not think up the tongue-biting by herself, but what do I know?