imageYou know one the main reasons that I and many others had no idea for years that evangelical and fundamentalist meant different things?

Open dishonesty about the terms coming from politically powerful conservatives like CBN "journalist" David Brody.

Barack Obama may be talking up his Christian faith like he's doing today in Ohio and trying his best to appeal to Evangelicals with a “new kind of politics,” but he’s got a problem. Many of his positions are the same liberal positions that have turned off Evangelicals for years.

Obama delivered another speech about faith Tuesday. He’s done a few of these concerning his faith and how it shapes his public policy. But Sunday his campaign and the Democratic Party were handing out pro-gay rights flyers at the Pride Festival in St. Louis. How is that going to play in the heartland?

First, St. Louis is in the heartland. So, apparently, it plays as well as it does in Ohio, with its several pride festivals, and Utah, with Salt Lake City's yearly pride festival, and Kansas, where they even round up Christians in big homosexual police-state rodeos/martini nights.

It would perhaps be helpful for religious debate in our country, particularly for the oh-so-concerned Christian Right, if they could stop lying about our country and their faith in pursuit of a narrow-minded political agenda. They might even realize that there are gay evangelicals and even gay fundamentalists, and a whole wide world of Christians who are neither evangelical nor fundamentalist who don't appreciate being spoken for like some monolithic entity. There's even Christians who don't shield their crotches when guys with waxed eyebrows walk by - didja hear?

I, personally, wonder about the character of a religious movement that requires false claims on the allegiances of others in order to make itself a more viable force in society. But I'm also the person who tries to find out who the dropped $20 bill belongs to, as well. If only I had the insight into moral character that comes with being a member of a fundamentalist- what? What do you mean I already am?

Ah, fuck.