Not fun stuff about moving: Nothing ever seems to go quite as planned.

Fun stuff about moving: Your boyfriend emerges from his junk closet and says, "I forgot I had these, but since you have a record player, I thought you'd be interested," and dumps a box that he says was given to him a few years ago and he hasn't had much use of it yet. And the box is full of LPs and 45s by artists like David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Kraftwerk, The Fall, The Buzzcocks, and a bunch of jazz and country-western, too.

So you don't feel completely bereft of real political analysis from me (I like to pretend people wait on pins and needles. I also sing in the shower and pretend I'm a rock star.), my interview with CounterSpin on the "pregnancy pact" is up. It's one of the better interviews I've done, I think. Calling bullshit is like my favorite thing in the world, well past raindrops on roses, but close to whiskers on kittens.