imageRoger L. Simon, on the news that Obama will be holding his acceptance speech at 76,000-seat Invesco Field:

They are floating the idea of changing the venue of his acceptance speech from Denver’s Pepsi Center to the much larger outdoor Invesco Field. I’m not going to indulge in the obvious comparisons. But I am disturbed by this development. 76,000 people blindly screaming “Yes, we can!” in a giant stadium is not an image I relish seeing in a free society.

76,000 people "blindly" screaming "Defense" a week and a half later, though, is as American as apple pie in a motherfucking Camaro parked on Mahmoud Achmedinejad's balls.

I'm sorry, but a candidate rallying thousands of people someplace in order to accept his nomination, and concurrent cheering/chanting/clapping from the assembled crowd is sort of how these things work. I understand that our conservative brethren exist with their totalitarian radar set to 11, but if we've reduced our standards for the impending drumbeat of fascism to public displays of excitement, I fear the only things left to us patriots as refuges on this 232nd Fourth of July are minor-league Arena Football games and John McCain rallies.

I guess, however, that would be the point.