I still don't have internet at my house and am at Marc's office using his. So I'm sort of out of the loop. But Jesse's here and we're hanging out and other folks are going to be streaming in, and indeed this is all very exciting. I thought I'd share stuff I have marked on my calendar for people coming to Netroots Nation.


Feminist Caucus at 4:30. I've agreed to head this thing up, but because we're feminists and committed to non-hierarchical organization, I don't expect to rule it with an iron fist or anything.


Our panel, of course. 9AM, Different Tones and Wider Nets. We'll be talking about all the fucking profanity on the internet, and whether or not that helps or hurts the cause. We did try to get a variety of bloggers with different levels of vulgarity in their writing to talk about the choices they make, the audiences they reach, and what they think about the more casual tones of the internet.

11AM I'm signing books at the Netroots bookstore.


3PM panel that I'm on: Breaking the Frame: Revitalizing and Redefining Reproductive Rights Media Coverage. We're taping that one for RH Reality Check, so if you want to give your opinion on reproductive rights and the media on video, show up with opinion on hand and we'll see if we can get your lovely mug on camera.

4:30 PM panel that I'm on: Meta. You can't accuse bloggers of insufficient geekery. We'll be talking about the blogs and the election, and the blogs and other forms of social media.

5-8 PM. PARTY! Pandagon is a co-sponsor of Jim Hightower's party at the Black & Tan at 405 E. 7th St @ Trinity St., just 3 blocks from the Convention Center. Digby, Atrios, and a whole lot of other netroots folks are co-sponsoring, so it should be a fine time.

I promised more music recommendations, so here you go.


*The Marked Men at Emo's. This is a garage band that's getting rave reviews from Denton, TX.

*Tia Carrera at Room 710. It's stoner rock, not really my thing, but if you like that sort of thing, they're great at it. Also, Room 710 is a really cool bar.

*Ray Wylie Hubbard is doing a 6PM show at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, which will be a lot of fun if you like his music.


*Todd Rundgren at Antone's. Oh yes, you read that right.

*Faceless Werewolves at Beerland. They're psychedelic garage rock, some good stuff.

*DJ Mel at the Parish.

If you got more recommendations, leave 'em in comments.