Amanda's post just reminded me, but I'll be moderating a panel at Netroots Nation called Different Tones and Wider Nets, with a panel of stars, from the moderately shrill to the intensely shrill:

We'll also be co-hosting a party the last night of NN with one Mr. Jim Hightower, who you may know from such awesome things as being Jim Hightower.

I'll also use this space to point out two more things. First, starting tomorrow, I'll be starting a five-week stint posting yet more original material at Art of the Possible and two, until the end of August, I'm sitting at home basically writing all day. So if anyone needs other things written - articles, greeting cards, ransom notes - I am available. And I smell good.

UPDATE: Pam will also be doing the scariest panel ever. Well, the scariest NN panel ever. I'm sure that virtually anything on the National Review cruise would scar most of us permanently.