imageI bow to you, Jeff Goldstein. You have redefined correctitude in my eyes, other random conservatives. American Thinker, you smell like jasmine and sunshine.

However, you are all still idiots.

I know that remembering all the way back to five years ago is like super hard and stuff, but let's remember why we went through Plamegate in the first place. One of the central allegations of war supporters in 2002 was that Hussein was attempting to acquire new yellowcake and aluminum tubes for a centrifuge program...because it wouldn't have the ability to produce weapons-grade material with the material we knew they had prior to the war.

Contending that the presence of preexisting yellowcake is de facto evidence of the reinvigorated weapons program that was the cause for war is like contending that my recipe for fried fish is de facto evidence of the seafood restaurant I'm running. I remember a few years back when every pro-war conservative declared that the real reason we went to war wasn't anything that you'd recognize, but instead some bizarre ideal they pulled out of their asses between RNCC blogger calls and masturbatory uses of the word "fisking".

I miss the old days. They were just as dumb, but a lot less predictable.