Ross Douthat wrote a very bad post arguing that the Democratic position on choice was one that was "one of the more unyielding positions in contemporary American politics" towards pro-lifers. He then wrote an explanation for his post, detailing how McCain making pointless noises about nominally pro-choice VP running mates that have no shot whatsoever at getting the slot.

The odd part is that by the very fact that the Democratic Party embraces the outcome of the pro-life movement - not having an abortion is as valid an outcome as having one, provided either decision is made responsibly and without improper or undue influence or obstruction - it's more welcoming than the Republican Party ever could be.

This is, of course, if you assume that the pro-life movement has any goals beyond the outlawing of abortion and restriction of choice, and would be satisfied by anything other than pure opposition. Douthat's argument betrays just why the Democratic Party can't welcome the "pro-lifers" in the Republican Party into their fold. There's no interest in anything that would make it easier to choose life, because that would still allow deviation from the orthodoxy. It must be forced legally and morally on the uterused, and the argument that it shouldn't be is simply intractable and intolerant.

It's kind of like how that mailbox I hit backing up was intolerant to my bumper. It should really figure out a way for my automobile to feel less uncomfortable hitting it.