So, when you use overt Christian and Jewish references to attack a politician, does that make you a steely-eyed maverick or a charming, irrepressible scamp?

The weird thing is, this feels more like a Scientology video than the obvious megachurch amp-it-up video it's supposed to be. Is John McCain a crazy cultist like Tom Cruise? I don't know, but I heard it on the internet somewhere!

UPDATE: Yeah. Watching TV news, every anchor is careful when discussing the McCain campaign's descent into batshittery to say that "both sides" are going negative. Because we all remember the Obama campaign's Fourth of July ad calling John McCain a gook-hating warmonger, or their leaked web ad that compared him to Imelda Marcos for his Ferragamos.

UPDATE TWO: Or the one where it pointed out the McCain campaign's fundraising for numerous other entities.