The New York Post has been a little bit biased against Obama ever since they endorsed John McCain, in much the same way that someone firing a gun at you is a little bit biased against you living. Today marks the crowning achievement of their efforts, the startling revelation that, at multiple points during 1995, Ayers and Obama were in the same room.

Recently released board-meeting minutes for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge show the two were present together at least six times in 1995 as the foundation's members discussed how to organize and operate the project, which was Ayers' brainchild.

Obama has always acknowledged he and Ayers both worked at the foundation, but has insisted they never had more than a passing acquaintance.

And then, the startling reveal of why this matters:

When asked by The Post how closely he worked with Obama, Ayers twice said, "It's in the public record."

And then, the startling reveal of why this matters:

In the Vietnam era, the Weather Underground conducted a series of bombings of official sites. Ayers wrote in his 2001 memoir, "Fugitive Days," that he helped with the bombings.

Okay, and THEN, the startling, awe-inspiring reveal of why this actually matters:

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Emerging Green Energy Co. Growth Stock Investment reveal? The dark secret that Obama doesn't want you to know is that he was in the same room as someone who was on the same board as him at a handful of meetings in 1995, with no indication that they ever plotted to blow up or even abort a damn thing. What kind of fucking liberal terrorist conspiracy are you trying to sell me, Post? A bum conspiracy, that's what kind.