imageHugh Hewitt, nuking the jumped refrigerator-shark:

Today was Obama's Katrina moment and an example of great leadership by John McCain. This contrast was telling and will matter.

Obama's complaint about the debate postponement made him look exceptionally petty given his refusal to debate all summer long. Obama's reversal suggests he did not understand the seriousness of the moment and was pursuing a purely political approach to the crisis.

This is a political crisis stemming from a series of political decisions made in the political sphere for political gain, to be resolved by politicians. Ergo, CHEWBACCA COULD NOT LIVE ON ENDOR!

First, let's talk about the "Katrina moment". Bush's Katrina moment came when he blatantly ignored and subsequently botched the too-late response to a crisis that was obviously coming, had a defined impact and a defined aftermath. Obama's been talking about this meltdown, the need for regulation from the get-go. He's also not directly responsible for the Senate oversight with regards to the crisis, meaning that the intra-committee debates are something he wouldn't be a part of...ever. It would be the equivalent of him putting on a polo shirt and handing out bottles of water to Chuck Schumer for thirty minutes.

Then, we look at the "refusal to debate". As much as we all appreciate the delving in Broder-esque tut-tutting over how a lack of townhalls forced John McCain to go apeshit, Obama and McCain have a standard set of debates coming up - if Obama "refused" to debate, so has every set of presidential candidates for the past few decades. It's simply incoherent to claim that joint debates were the necessary lifeblood of respectful debate over the future of our country, and then cynically cancel the debate to go smile alongside scenes of other people doing actual work.

Conservatives are desperately trying to turn this into a grand gesture on McCain's part, but there remains one big question. What in God's name is John McCain going to do in D.C. that will actually help? Does he have FEMA trailers for Goldman Sachs? Is he going to force the school buses out for AIG employees? Is there delicious cake for Morgan Stanley? Please say there's cake.