imageDoes Bob Shrum run John McCain's campaign?

Republican John McCain said Wednesday he was suspending his White House campaign and asked to put off Friday's presidential debate over the nation's financial crisis.

You know what makes more sense than using the national stage of a presidential debate and the bully pulpit of the campaign trail to push forward a solution? Joining 98 other Senators trudging along in an invisible scrum to try to hash out a plan that McCain's going to end up going back out on the campaign trail to bitch about anyway.

Conceivably, if any sort of due diligence is done, McCain could be off of the trail for weeks. I mean, if he can't push for a solution to this crisis because he's going to be too busy trying to push for a solution to this crisis (which is bullshit in and of itself), why not just end his campaign right now, let Obama become president and McCain can run for Senate Minority Leader where (apparently) he'll do better and more important work?

This ass is running to be President of the United States. If he has any leadership to show on the issue, the entire world's eyes have been on him since it began - what work is he going to do in D.C. that he can't do while speaking to the rest of the nation?