I saw this circulating around on the emails, and it ended up resulting in a big win for Planned Parenthood.

Call it the ultimate in grassroots activity, a viral email urging people to donate to Planned Parenthood “in honor of Sarah Palin” generated more than 31,313 donations totaling more than three-quarters of a million dollars ($802,678) as of today. With contributions from all 50 states, more than two-thirds of the individuals making a contribution “in honor of Sarah Palin” are first-time Planned Parenthood donors.

If you're going to contribute to Planned Parenthood right now, donate on a national level, so that they can direct money to their PAC and buy more advertising supporting Obama. Because McCain has already fought to get Title X funding to Planned Parenthood cut, so we can't trust that he'll keep the federal coffers that provide health care services open. Your dollar spent on political advertising now might equal many times that if it helps Obama win.